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  • Manufactured by: GS Supplies Inc.
  • Model: GS-X1010
  • Length: 24.8 mm
  • Width: 16.0 mm
  • For: Bulova, Swiss
  • Style: Plastic Domed Crystal, Flat Lower Edge, Rectangular
  • Quantity in Stock: 10

The manufacturer's catalog index (or product packaging) lists this crystal for:
Bulova: Gladiator
Check size and shape of GS-X1010 versus BB-MT2247, GS-CMT298-10, 5MC224-WC, 5MC224-RC, P11MC224-WC for Bulova Galahad.
GS also lists GS-X1010 for Hamilton Stanley (check size and shape).
May ship as R regular quality or P super quality.