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Search and Navigation tips to find your vintage crystal

Search tips

Exact size searches should be entered in millimeters with tenths, but without the "mm" millimeter abbreviation (example: 22.1). Note: to limit the results to a specific shape of that size, select a subcategory from the pulldown menu in the "Limit to Category" area (example: G-S CMX) before clicking on the "Search" button.

Also note that a comma should not be used with multiple number keyword searches. For example, the length and width should be separated by a space (example: 22.1 22.3)

For model name searches, the "Search In Product Descriptions" must be checked (example: Golden Tempo).

Navigate using the traditional left hand column

Select a crystal manufacturer in the "Categories" box in the left hand column (currently only G-S Supplies). This will open to show all of that available subcategories (shapes / styles, as also seen below)by that manufacturer. This is best for browsing sizes in a specific shape or style.

Navigate using the basic Search box or Advanced Search page

Use "Search" located on the right side of the top navigation bar, or the bottom of the left column navigation to find crystals for a watch brand, model name, part number, exact size, etc. Use the powerful "Advanced Search" page for better results and tips!

From the listing, click on a product for more details

Once you have the listing, click on a product image to go to the detailed "Product Information" page. You will see a larger image along with details. This page shows details that are not shown on the listing pages.

Click on the large image for a pop-up photograph page

From the "Product Information" details page, click on the large product image, and a pop-up window will appear that contains an actual photograph of that crystal, or the package. This will show additional details that are not yet in our crystal database.